Sailing at Sababa


Sailing is a sport that can be enjoyed and provide ongoing challenge throughout your  lifetime. For most of our Sababa sailors, sailing is their first experience navigating a vehicle on their own. Sailing on the beautiful Elizabeth, river Sababa sailors learn to rig their own craft, sail upwind, navigate, jibe, capsize  and tack. Sailors learn self reliance as well as how to work as a team. They take turns as skipper, mate, and navigator as they build confidence working with American Sailing Association coaches. Instruction is given from both within the boat and from coaches in small crafts who are on the water supervising.

Sailing is both incredible fun and real work.  There are few ways to learn the lesson of work /reward more instantaneously than on a sailboat. Work to trim the sails and you fly effortlessly over the water with the wind in your hair. Rig a boat properly and it will take you wherever you want to go.

Sailing at Sababa is taught by the best, Big Blue Sailing Academy.  When Big Blue is not working with Sababa, they are teaching midshipman at the largest navel base in the word to sail. Sababa coaches are certified and trained by the American sailing Association. For both Sababa and Big Blue safety always comes first

Participating in the two-week session of sailing, sailors will receive the appropriate American Sailing Association certification for their level. This certification is recognized nationwide and in some cases internationally.